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  • Has COVID-19 increased your weight?  
  • Been trying to loose a few pounds before you get started?
  • You want the change, but just haven't actually started?
  • Do you have previous injuries or chronic issues limiting you from exercise so you think you can't?
  • Are your frustrated at the impersonal internet fitness programs with teachers who could not possibly understand your body and its physical limitations or your commitment?
  • Just need someone who "gets it" to keep you accountable and work with your limitations?
  • Do you just want a plan?

Currently accepting new clients

GIFT Certificates available 

Special gift package-3 sessions-$300, regularly $330

Everybody and every body can be fit through personal training and/or Yoga


Find your strength

 Private and small group workouts via virtual workouts, or at an outdoor  location in the Oakland/Berkeley/Alameda area

Becca can make it work with what you have, or a small investment in some simple basic equipment based on your goals and abilities.

Schedule of classes

Would love to schedule outdoor socially distant group classes for you and your friends or neighbors

email me to set up locations and times that work for you!


Virtual Yoga classes by zoom

M 8 am/F 9 am

Meeting ID: 598 721 1228

Password: 311708


donations accepted at venmo @rebeccalasky1965

 -Find a better you!

Becca is a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer  and a certified Yoga teacher with over 5000 session hours working with all types of bodies, and all types of goals.    Becca works with clients of all ages, 22-87, from fresh off the couch to triathletes, clients with weight-loss goals, to just wanting to feel better moving in their bodies. Specializing in mature adults and those who have a need for  corrective exercise (for those who have "issues" be it shoulders, back, knees or whatever.

Her emphasis is the core, postural issues, and balance and she builds you from there.

What Becca's clients are saying

“I have always loved exercise, playing team sports year round in high school and college. As a working mom, getting to the gym was easy! Until now. These days I have 1000 good reasons why I can’t get there.

Becca saved me from my excuses! She finally got me to do a session and then another. I’m amazed at the difference she made. I’ve been doing exercises every day, each week building on the last. My motivation is fueled by the results! Her exercises were targeted and perfect for my interest and goals. She listened to me!Inches have already come off. My strength is growing and more importantly perhaps, I’m hungry for more.

How did she do this?! I am so grateful! After two years in a slump she jump started my regime in a matter of hours. Thank you Becca!

Sepee Zabala, client since 1/2020

I worked with her for a solid 6 months to get prepped for a competition called Bare Chest Calendar a major fundraiser here in the San Francisco.

Her nick name is Rippin Rebecca. She will give you the results you want and need!

Mark Whitfield, Mr. February Bare Chest Calendar 2019 client since 2018

I've been working with Rebecca for almost 5 years. At 60, I wanted to take off that and put on muscle and prepare for a backpacking trip. Rebecca helped me overcome a knee injury takeoff weight and get strong and solid for my trip. She's especially good with older clients with injuries

Michael Shelton, client since 2015

Rebecca saved my health! I started training with Rebecca in late 2016 since I was having a lot of trouble losing weight on my own. From the very beginning, I was encouraged by her positive attitude and willingness to push me to do things physically she knew I could accomplish. As the months went by and I wasn't losing weight (but gaining a lot of strength, better posture and confidence!) Rebecca suggested I see my doctor to see why I wasn't losing weight. This was the turning point in my life, as I discovered the piece of the puzzle, finally, that helped me to start losing weight along with strength training! Rebecca's training sessions were always well aligned with my goals. She has such a wide array of skillsets, from knowledge of yoga poses, to massage and body work, to proper lifting techniques, there was never a question about my fitness that she couldn't find an answer to. I can't stress enough how integral Rebecca has been -and always will be- to my wellness routines now. After working with her for a little over a year, I now have a solid foundation of exercises that are effective and that I enjoy, and I've made a friend for life!

Emily Moses, former client (moved to Texas)


Why wait,  the only way to change is to start now!

Without giving the whole life story, in 2001 the dot com crash forced her from a hi-tech career of producing websites and games, to change her world completely and decided to work with horses, something she had dreamed about as a child.  She became a horse massage therapist, and spent years studying the biomechanics of horses and riders while massaging horses.   In 2008, the economy collapsed again... back to hi-tech as a consultant and she focused on being a mom. At 45,  she had an injury to her hip from a fall and after a few years it became chronic.  Diagnosis: labral tear in her left hip.  Years of discomfort,  the pain became unbearable to function  and she had to quit working.   She began physical therapy, and after a year and a half  and no relief, surgery was the only option.  This began the 6 months of rehab.    She worked with an amazing yoga teacher/trainer Lucie Charping,  with Yoga and then slowly worked her way to a gym to build more muscle.  Lucie inspired her  to pursue a career of helping others who were injured with chronic pain  just as she had with horses, and she was off on another career path.   She got her Personal Training certification and started training clients.  After a year, she sought out more knowledge and got a specialization in corrective exercise and became a senior fitness specialist.  She wanted to help others on their find their fitness path and motivation.  She worked with brides preparing for weddings, overweight clients- loosing almost 100 pounds, amputees, stroke survivors, and mature adults with all sorts of issues (knees, back, hips, elbow and shoulder problems) Business was very good, and she wanted to get her yoga teaching certification but there was no time.  Now into the pandemic shelter in place, she was able to take the time to get her yoga teaching certification.  

Her philosophy  is fitness is for everybody and every body.  The core is everything, and good biomechanics based on your individual body type and personal range of motion.  You don't have to be in the deepest squat/lift the heaviest weight/ be able to touch your toes to be fit,  as long as you engage all the muscles correctly, you will be on the right path.  

If you are still with me, lets talk about your goals and how I can help you. 

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